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Valentine's Specials


Limited choices for a special dinner this year? We've got you covered. Order your Valentine's dinner from us. No long lines, no messy clean up. 

Strip Steak Dinner
*Our Strip Steak is seasoned with Chicago steak seasoning and basted with butter for a flavorful outer crust.  This meal comes with: side salad,  roasted mini red and yellow potatoes, fresh steamed vegetable medley, dinner roll and our special Valentine's dessert.
$20.00 per meal
*Steaks are cooked to med rare to keep from over cooking when reheated
Baked Salmon Dinner
Our salmon is baked in a lemon herb marinade topped with a fresh lemon slice and butter. Included with this meal is: a side salad, dinner roll, roasted mini potatoes, steamed vegetable medley and our Valentine dessert.
$20.00 per meal
Spaghetti & Meatballs
Handmade meatballs from locally raised beef are a must
for this Valentine's Day! Add a generous portion of spaghetti, marinara with fresh basil, side salad, steamed vegetable medley, dinner roll and our Valentine's dessert special to complete this meal.

$15.00 per meal 
Valentine's Dessert
For dessert we start with our ever popular individual cheesecake topped with choc ganache, pecans and carmel drizzle. We pair this with a couple red velvet cake roll wedges and top it off with a choc dipped strawberry-of course!
Included w/meal
Dessert only $5.00

Caramel Apples
Cupcakes Carrot(2)
Cupcakes carrot(1)
Filet Shrimp Scampi
Valentine's Dessert
Dark Chocolate Oreo Caramel Apple
Christmas Cookies
christmas cookies
Apple Butter
Carmel Apple Pie