Thursday Dinner



Shepherd's Pie

This week we are introducing a new meal! Our Shepherds Pie is made with locally raised ground beef mixed with peas and carrots and topped with mashed potatoes and white cheddar cheese.

This meal comes with a dinner roll and desert.


Our dinner salad will be a crispy chicken salad with a mix of iceberg and baby greens with carrots, cucumbers, cherry tomatoes and cheddar cheese.


Dessert this week is apple pie or choc chip cookies.

How it Works

Each meal includes an entree, two sides, and dessert or order the dinner sized salad option with dessert. All Meals are $10.00 and can be packaged Individually or Family Style.


They come in microwavable/ dishwasher-safe containers for easy heat up and clean up! Our meals are all about that home cooked comfort food. We offer classic recipes and fan favorites every Thursday. 

Place your order with the "Order" tab, then use the "Pay" tab to pay online for the number of meal(s) you ordered.

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