Thursday Dinner

Lasagna or


Homemade Lasagna with Beef or Linguini Alfredo with Grilled Chicken

Comes with Bread

Choose between Broccoli or a Side Salad.


Brownie Bites or Choc Chip Cookies


Our dinner sized Salad option is a Chicken Caesar Salad. 

Thursday Night Dinners are back! With the spread of COVID19, times are uncertain for everyone but there's one constant: we all need to eat! That's where we come in. Grocery stores are getting stressful and sparse while restaurants are closing. What's Cooking is here to provide tasty filling meals whether your quarantine is just you or the whole family, we've got you covered.

So queue up your Netflix and enjoy one of our meals!

How it Works

Each meal includes an entree, two sides, and dessert, packaged for single or family portions. Some meals like Burrito Bowls and Salads don't typically come with two sides. They come in microwavable/ dishwasher-safe containers for easy heat up and clean up! Our meals are all about that home cooked comfort food. We offer classic recipes and fan favorites, changing every week.

Place your order with the "Order" tab, then use the "Pay" tab to pay online for the size meal(s) you ordered.

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